Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well ...the day is finally here my good friends!! I've waited for this day for a long while now. I've found it really hard to sit on this idea as I'm really excited about it ... I just wanted to show and tell everyone! So finally, here you go!

AGENT ORANGE is a graphic novel that I am creating. It's coming along extremely well, and I have a few REALLY GREAT surprises in store for you all ... some of which includes super special guest artists!!! (which I'll tell you more about as we go along.)

I've started an AGENT ORANGE blog which I will update as often as possible with sketches, doodles, designs, ideas, and of course sneak peeks! I plan on keeping these two blogs very inter-related, to let visitors here know whats going on there.

Lastly, I have an interview, courtesy of Randall Sly, who runs Character Design Blog (who, I should also note, has a very cool name!) Please swing on by; check out the interview, leave your comments and get the scoop on AGENT ORANGE with a first look at the comic!!! Thanks Randall.... you're the man!
Stay tuned!!!


  1. Just one question: where can I buy this comic? Great stuff man, really liked all the pics, but especially the image in the interview (agent in rain)!

    I've got ya linked up to my blog, so hopefully I can send ya some extra traffic and extra Agent Orange Fans!

    Let me know if you ever want a special cover for the comic :)!

  2. Holy Crap! Agent Orange is lookin awesome! I cant wait to find out more of the details on the project.

  3. Great Man. Finally Agent Orange.
    Good to hear about the Character Design interview.
    I've been bugging the guys over at forever to call you up for an interview. Maybe one day they will listen and hopefully get you, Bill Presing, and Alex Woo on the show.
    Congrats Man

  4. very cool, the new blog is going straight into google reader!

    looking forward to seeing first panels and i´m going to read the interview N O W!

  5. Grats!

    Can't wait to read your work!

  6. Wonderful and exciting1 I can't wait. New avatar is super cool.

  7. Can't wait for Agent Orange! Character Design blog...woohoo!

  8. congrats rawls!!! agent orange looking gooooood!

  9. WOW... thanks SO much you guys!!! You're a great support team. Agent Orange won't let you down!!! You'll love it I'm sure! Thanks for the love my friends!

    Peter - It will be released earyly 2009. And thanks for the link man... you rock!!

    Bobby - Thanks man! Stay tuned!!

    Chris - Thanks dude. That would be super cool to have an interview with them too!

    Dano - Thanks!

    Andreas - Thanks a bunch man! Glad you like it!

    David - Soon my friend!!!

    Eric - Great to hear from you man. Thanks for the kind words!

    Francisco - woohoo indeed my friend!

    Lettie - Long time no see!! Thanks!!!!

  10. Awesome! Looking forward to checking out your graphic novel!!!

  11. Hey bro, just read the interview...GREAT STUFF!!! The last post on here was also great, love your sketches man, but the kicker is this Agent Orange post man, I am crazy pumped for this, if you got some guest spots still open for pin ups for this, well I'd obviously love too.

  12. Very Dope. Good stuff man. I really enjoyed your agent orange stuff.

  13. I just read you Character design interview on the Char Design Blog...great job man, really inspiring.

  14. Good sir, you have put the "ice" in "nice". Those designs are Rawls, man....they're so Rawls. That's what I love about them. Classic. It's been inspiring - I must say - to see you sketching a lot and posting a lot...kinda helps me feel good about sketching too. Keep givin' er.

  15. Thanks my friends!! I'm super hyped that everyone likes Agent Orange so much.... and I haven't even really shown a lot!!! wow. Humbling indeed.

  16. hey dude! thats awesome news, from your designs I am excited! Any idea when your book will be finished? I look forward to following your progress. These characters are awesome man. Oh and congrats on the interview! I will check it oot noo

  17. Cool. Those character design are awesome. Really cool work. I'll have to go and check out the Agent Orange Blog.

    This may be a stupid questions but, have you ever listened to the band "Agent Orange?"

  18. rawls! i am going out of town this weekend .. so cant come to the street fighter thing.. realy wanted to come tho! tell me how it went ;)

  19. great to read through ur interview ...
    looking forward for agent orange ..looks fantastic ..

  20. Ken - Thanks bro! I'm shooting for earyly 2009 release.

    Josh - Thanks man... and no, I haven't.

    Lettie - I'll try and make it.

    Abhishek - Thanks my friend. Glad you like it!

  21. wooaooo

    you're amazing !

    lot of good stuff

    thanks to post all those great things

  22. Amazing designs man, I'll be first in line to pick it up!

  23. Great designs man. Your blog is great these really are some of the coolest robot designs ive seen in awhile. Great stuff keep it up.

  24. Hey!!!

    I was in Ottawa this weekend and bought the Water Worlds book from bobby and kei... saw your painting in there!! I remember u wrote on my blog... anyway, just saying hi and your work is great!

  25. nice site man :)

    hsuan-yi told me about voutre site

    love the style!
    keep up the good work

  26. Zaff - I just pretend to be amazing. Thanks!

    Ryan - Thanks dude... I'll be the first to pick up Hurricane kids!

    Deemo - Thanks man.. I really appreciate it!

    Marceline - Yea, Bobby and Kei are awesome! It was great to be a part of their new book. Thanks!

    Floating - Thanks my friend. And thanks to Hsuan-yi for showing you!

  27. You are my hero, Darren!!! Well deserved, my friend!! :D

  28. I Enjoyed some your design.your sketches is amiable on amazing.
    please take a look at my works in this blog:

  29. Martin - Hey bro, thanks!!!

    Ben - Thanks Ben!

    Mehdi - Thanks man. I enjoyed your designs and sketches as well!

  30. great artwork! glad I found your blog too!

  31. good good good, are you a monster wonderfull, jeje great drawing, congratulatin
    sorry my bad english
    el polaco from argentina

  32. Great stuff man. love the shapes! keep it up.

  33. wow, it looks really exciting! whats gonna happen to adventure of MC doom?

  34. Tobi - Thanks man!

    Jason - Thanks.

    El Polaco - haha..Thanks my friend! I love being "a monster wonderfull"!!!

    Justin - Thanks Justin.

    Peter - Glad you like it man. And don't worry about Doom...he'll pop up now and again!

  35. Love the character designs! Looking forward to seeing the book in print!

  36. wow sounds really mysterious and very interesting, looking forward to seeing the action unfold!!

    all the best! :)

  37. Adam, Martin, Joseph & Dintoons - Thanks a bunch you guys! I'm really glad your liking Orange!!

  38. Bring it on! Great interview too. Nice to see who's behind all the encouraging comments I always read from you.

  39. This is insanely cool!!!!!! Love it!!!!


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