Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This weeks sketch dump has arrived. The ones with a lot of black are just me messin' around on the train with my brush pen. Man it's hard to draw on a moving train with a brush pen.

There will be an AGENT ORANGE posting this weekend folks ... so keep an eye out!
... by the way, in case you were wondering ... the 'little preview' that I mentioned that I'd given already is my new avatar.
(Speaking of Avatar, I just got the 3rd Season box set in the mail yesterday!!! You know what I'll be doing this week!)


  1. cool drawings

    who is the guy with the star?

  2. Nice stuff buddy, looking forward to the agent orange... so long as it doesn't kill my plants or give me cancer.

  3. thanks i will add a link from my blog to yours

  4. these are great rawls. very cool studies. like the pen work too. oh, i like the new avatar pic. keep it up. talk to you more later.

  5. Hey, good to see you still posting. Haha I know I lacking in that but once I get some solid concepts down for the film i'll post something! Hope things are going smooth for Agent Orange! can't wait!

  6. Damon - Thanks man. The star dude is just a doodle.

    Cyrus - Thanks a lot man.. you rock!

    Peter - hahah... no, this Agent Orange is good for your health... and comic collection too!

    Chris - Thanks dude. Keep in touch.

    Francis - yes... you need to post more. I want to see your ideas for your film. And thanks bro, Agent Orange is goin great!

  7. AWESOME pages of character drawings!!

  8. lovely studies! the brush work rocks, full of energy n vitality!!

  9. Alina - hey, thanks my friend!!

    Din - Thanks very much!

  10. Full of life, incredible how lines become.


  11. Pagas - Thanks.

    Craig - Thankz!

    Pablo - Very Thanks!

  12. The 3rd season for Avatar is excellent, the last 4 eps have wonderful FX animation in them.
    I'm sure you'll love it

    Great sketchs! i like the style and line you have.


  13. Wonderful work! read your interview! congo on that as well! dont knw if it comes late :P

    howdy! keep doing those wacky works!

  14. Hi Darren!
    I love your sketches! Awesome characters.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment!

  15. super sweet sketches man! Your avatar? you sly dog you!

  16. Love your work. Awesome sketches. Quick question-- what did you use in the top image? The lines are sooo thin, but really smooth. Great stuff!

  17. OMG...those brush pen caricatures are amazing! I can't stop staring at them. You've definitely mastered this technique.

  18. Oh man, I super-dig the hoodie-cloak guy with the star. That's outrageous. Awesome costume.


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