Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have a lot of fun and interesting realizations while traveling to and from work each day. Sadly, most of it is how strange people can be, or the little things people do that bug me. (I'm working on changing that... positive attitude and all that.) One of the things I find funny, and annoying, is people who read while walking. It boggles my mind. I like to place these unique people in the same category as people typing or reading away on their crackberry.
I also found this concept piece that I did from last year for NBA on ESPN. I found it lingering deep in my computer files and figured it was blog worthy.

Also, remember to come out to the Toronto Zoo this Saturday 12:15 for WorldWide Sketch Crawl if you can. Good ol' Bobby Chiu has called ahead and got us a deal. Instead of 20$, it'll be 9. Thanks B.


  1. I read this other little thing i hate in another blog and i agree with it: i hate when peoples toes are hanging outside their sandals. Anyway...
    Excellent pieces you posted today! Good you find that NBA one, really great!

  2. there is no blog,
    NO BLOG!
    in my google reader, that gets updated without a nice and fitting comment by sir rawls.
    i applaud your effort in making the world a better place and i´m glad that your doing it!

    just wanted to say this =)

  3. Hit the nail on the head there mate. Personally I've not found a book SO engrossing that I literally couldn't stop reading it no matter where I was. Equal parts "selfishness" and "ooh look what I'm reading everybody! Clever aren't I?"

    Also, I agree 100% with Andreas' point. Stirling effort on the blog front, good sir.

  4. I like the expression of shining ball and pose. I guess there might be more series of this piece. : )

  5. Fabian - haha... yea, feet can be gross sometimes! Thanks my friend!

    Andreas - Too kind my friend...too kind. Thanks bro.

    Chris - haha..I'm glad you openly admit your cleaverness!! Don't worry, I don't think any less of you!! And you are also too kind! Thanks man!

    Hoon - Thanks! Yea, I think there was more...but I'm not sure where they are. Probably in the archives at work somewhere.

  6. i like this layout. the glow on the ball is a nice touch.

  7. AWW! I'm a read-walker. Although I put the book down if I'm on a busy sidewalk...I don't like touching strangers, even by accident...

    I heard about the sketchcrawl via facebook JUST too late, I'm going tomorrow! (thursday) ohwell...

  8. yes you are right, my signature is not in the final cover. Most of the time they don't want the artist signature to appear on the front of a book cover for fear it will distract from the layout. they usually put the artist credit in or on the back of the book, or both.

  9. :( I'm a read-walker too, but pretty good at not bumping into people.

    Unfortunately I'm never reading anything clever.

  10. It would be funny to see a room of walk readers though, like some sort of slower moving bumber car ride, where everone mumbles excuss me undwer their breath when they collide. BTW, nice treasure form the archives rawls.

  11. Hey man...I totally feel you with the whole reading and walking thing. It's weird. Nice baller drawing. I can't stop watching Jim Bryson's "Breeson" sketches. They're hilarious. You should check out Jimmy's work at his blog
    and also his website for his show . Super funny.

  12. Chris - Thanks man! And thanks for telling me... I was just afraid you were getting jipped.

    Britt - haha...touching strangers! Nice to know where you stand. Too bad you aren't going on Saturday. Make sure to do some sketches where ever you are though!

    Bov - It's nice to hear of such skills. Your a rare breed my friend! As for the clever reading... I'll leave that up to you.

    J - hahaha! I love the visual of that! Mumble mumble, bump. Thanks man.

    Brad - Thanks bro. Yea, Jimmy and Adam did a great job. Very cute animation.

  13. Man, I'm totally loving that crowd pic. Thats something I don't think I've even attempted to draw. Great stuff dude, I love it. Now I gotta do one :P

  14. AWESOME drawing and illo!! HAve fun at the zoo!! :)

  15. Hey dude,

    I dig the walking reader drawing. Those people have some nice legs!


  16. Dan - Thanks bro! Glad you like it! Can't wait to see yours!

    Alina - Thanks my fiend! I'm sure I will.

    Adam - Hey man, thanks! I pride myself on my nice legs!?!?

    Mehdi - Thaaanks thanks!

  17. Damn you get allot of traffic :D

    Good for you man! Loving the work. This crowd shot you got here reminds me of a few shots from the Incredibles.

    Just a first impression.

  18. Great sketch! And love the NBA illustration! Very cool.

  19. Really nice work and great designs for both illustrations.

  20. Eh eh! funny sketches!! That kind of guy tends to get on my nerve, but as long as they don't accidentally hit me, it's ok. (I just wish they walk in some dog's ....)

    The NBA illustration is great too!

  21. Hey Rawls - sketches looking great my man!!!


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