Saturday, October 18, 2008

So our good friend Randall over at the Character Design blog posted a link to one of the most awesome works of art and animation of our time... the opening to Kung Fu Panda!!!
If you haven't seen the movie, shame on you. Either way, you gotta watch this marvelous piece of awesomness. I did, and do... over and over again.
-The original post comes from The Art of the Title Sequence. (another great site by the way).



  1. This sequence was indeed awesome! I actually would rather watch the whole movie in the style of the intro (animation, colors..). But the film was great anyway!

    And thanks for your com'! It's funny you mentionned that you liked my TMNT designs, I was actually colorizing one of my turtles when you left your com'! Eh eh! keep it up!

  2. this looks good, i´m NOW going to see if i´m able to rent the dvd.

    thx for the link mr rawls!

  3. Yeah this blew me away too. Thanks for the title seq blog link, I'll be stopping by there again.

  4. This sequence was awesome! I loved the whole movie as well.

  5. Man can't wait till Randall releases the new blog.

  6. Thanks for posting this bud, I am one of the few pathetic individuals who has yet to see this awesome flick. I hang my head for the woeful neglect I brought on my house.

    I have already vowed to purchase the DVD.

  7. Andry - Yea, it'd be nice to see a whole film in that style!!

    Andreas - Rent away my friend...I'd actually suggest a purchase though!

    Chris - No problem man! It's a great site.

    Tatevik - Dito my friend!

    Chris - Yea, that'll be a great resourse. Randall's the man.

    Mehdi - naaa... but I'm trying.

    Peter - No problemo my friend. I'm glad that you have seen your weakness and have decided to bless your home with awesomeness!

  8. so bad ass! thanks for spreadin the good stuff man!

    Your dump below is stunning! Love it

  9. Yowza! That is a great site - thanks for sharing :O)

  10. I did saw the movie, twice! And this one is OMG! Very beautiful work!!! :)

  11. Damn straight - that intro was awesomness LOL

  12. thanks dude, can wait to get the movie, it was awesome, thanks for the link.


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