Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Arrr! Where be me golden lantern?!"
I wanted to give him a little GL parrot as well, but I felt that might have been a bit too much green. "Squaawk! in darkest night!"


  1. oh, man. That is awesome on so many levels. I love the little Groo-esque skull on his belt.

    It does make me think, though. Was there ever an old GL in the DC Universe?

  2. Aye, 'tis a sea-worthy sketch says I.

    sorry, couldn't resist. Alright, I could have, just had no desire to.

    Thanks for sharing this great character. Looks like we've both been posting pirate stuff lately.

  3. hahaha, thanks you guys!
    Arkon - I'm not really sure. I know the Guardians are.

  4. I say add the parrot - you can never have too much green ;p


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