Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have no idea what this guy is. He looks like some kind of demon blueberry to me! :S


  1. haha sweet!
    the pirate one b4 this rules too.
    tempted to do my own(these are inspiring)
    but too busy(good excuse?)

    ps--where did you get the blog template you're using? I dig it and wanna rip it :)


  2. oh baby. Hands down the most awesome to date.

    You could almost add zebra to the description given the stripes.

    Man, it turns out Demon Zebra Blueberries rule my world. I would love to see those in an agent orange sketch. Orange struggling to fight off hundreds of them all swarming him. If you felt so inspired you know I would probably have an aneurysm from the awesomeness.

  3. I love his little Gorey-esque feets.

  4. Thanks you guys!
    Joe - I sent you a facebook message regarding the template.
    Cam - haha, zebra aneurysm.
    Arkon - thanks man. Gorey-esque isn't a word I use often enough!

  5. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET! That IS fun, man!


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